Pharmaceuticals in the environment is sadly a growing problem on a global scale. Drugs taken and not taken (waste) by humans sadly find their way into our rivers, lakes, and even back into your drinking water, which is having devastating effects on both aquatic life and human health all across the globe.

It’s now we have to do something.

All medicines should be handed in to the Pharmacy for correct disposal. And now you can even get rewarded with a free cash donation to a patient organisation of your choice by simply documenting your waste medicine delivery to the pharmacy. So you do a good deed and we’ll pay you for it with another one … which we feel is a nice philosophy to have.

Go download the DrugStars app – Where you can manage your meds; those you currently  take and any waste medicines you may have. Get more out of your meds, and start supporting the UN global goals 3 and 12 for free, as well as free donations to hundreds of patient charities all over the globe. Download DrugStars today and start #GivingByTaking.